Fast-forward to the car of the future with the ideal AI software partner.

Ghost helps OEMs get transformational software features and business models to market faster.
two people inside a car driving

Get L4 autonomy to market faster – for your entire model range.

Five cars in a row
Deliver self-driving, not just driver assistance
Autonomy will be the battleground to differentiate tomorrow’s cars. Leapfrog smart cruise control and achieve truly attention-free driving with Ghost.
A full stack, validated end-to-end
The Ghost Autonomy Engine is a complete software and reference hardware solution, enabling you to deliver autonomy quickly with provable safety and reduced risk.
For your entire lineup
The first solution that can scale to every model at every price point. Ghost can be implemented with different features and experiences to suit multiple target markets.

You define the driving experience with a fully customizable autonomous platform.

Interior of a car with Ghost tablet installed
Autonomy that adapts to your brand
Your SUV and performance sedan need to feel different. Create unique features and tune the driving experience across models and trims.
Designed for easy customization
The Ghost Autonomy Engine is a platform for autonomous driving experiences. Developer-friendly software tools and flexible low-code/no-code APIs enable personalization and extensions.
Works seamlessly with existing in-car technology
Designed to be integrated into your current infotainment system, voice assistant, mapping, OTA and networking infrastructure, and more.

Build a car that stays “new” for a decade – hardware and software that keeps up with AI innovation.

Car with a ghost infographic
Car with a ghost infographic
Continuous feature and safety enhancements
Transform the customer relationship by continuously bringing new capabilities and experiences to existing vehicles.
Powerful AI infrastructure
Leverage best-in-class machine learning and cloud compute infrastructure for neural network development and validation and ship AI model updates via OTA.
Modular hardware to keep pace with innovation
Built-to-swap hardware components enable upgrade paths for sensors and compute, enabling today’s cars to be ready for tomorrow’s AI.

Monetize a long-term customer relationship with software.

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Extend and expand your customer relationship beyond the initial sale
Extend service opportunities by simplifying car maintenance and ownership. Expand sales opportunities by offering new capabilities.
Transition to a subscription-led business model
Bundle software, services, maintenance, new features, and even hardware upgrades into a variety of subscription packages.
Unlock software revenue and margins
Drive recurring revenue and increase customer lifetime value.

Your comprehensive solution for safety, validation, and risk management.

Technicians working on a vehicle installing Ghost
Safely deliver an attention-free driving experience
New physics-based artificial intelligence, backed by new methods for validating on-road safety and performance.
Your partner in risk and compliance management
Tools to support your processes for validation, certification, regulatory compliance, audit, and investigation.
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