Talking Autonomy,

Re-Imagining Driving with Collaborative Autonomy

Ghost CEO John Hayes discusses the future of autonomy designed FOR the driver

By Ghost

May 9, 2023

minute read

Welcome to our second season of Talking Autonomy!

Join us for the next few weeks as we invite various members of the Ghost Engineering team to dive deeper into different technologies and components of the Ghost Autonomy Engine. In this season we'll explore KineticFlow vision AI, software-defined radar, radar/vision fusion, lane detection, the Ghost drive planner, the data pipeline behind Ghost, and more!

To kick things off, let's start at the top with Ghost CEO/founder John Hayes. One of the realizations that the Ghost founding team had early-on was that designing autonomy for a personal car is different - different than a robotaxi or robotruck where the express goal is to remove the driver completely. Personal cars are sold to and owned by people who very often want to drive, so central to Ghost's strategy is designing a version of autonomy that puts the driver at ease, understands the driver's intentions, and feels like a natural extension of the driver. We call that concept "Collaborative Autonomy" - where the driver and autonomy technology work together seamlessly. In this video John outlines his vision for Collaborative Autonomy, and lays-out how he sees the interaction between driver and machine evolve over the next decade.

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