Self-Driving For Everyone

A breakthrough in self-driving, built for safety, scale, and ultimately freedom.

By John Hayes

January 18, 2022

4 minute read

Our mission at Ghost is to make self-driving for everyone.

Ghost is built for safety: we are pioneering artificial intelligence capable of managing any driving scenario, so safe that it does not require driver intervention.

Ghost is built for scale: our AI driving software is built for the volume market. With driving algorithms optimized for high-volume mobile sensors and chips, Ghost is designed to bring self-driving to hundreds of millions of cars in the next decade in partnership with global automakers.

Ghost is built for freedom: with the first self-driving technology for passenger cars that does not require your attention, we will finally deliver on the promise of freedom behind the wheel.

With a uniquely safe and scalable approach, we are making attention-free self-driving a possibility for everyone, freeing people to make the most of their time in the car.

Built for Safety: Breakthrough Artificial Intelligence Inspired by Biology

Existing systems have long struggled to safely navigate the infinite long tail of driving events, failing to maintain control when encountering new scenarios or unrecognized objects. At best, these shortcomings trigger frequent disengagements, delivering a poor driver experience. At worst, these shortcomings produce unpredictable behavior or outright crashes.

The challenge of the infinite long tail is recognition - to navigate the world without collisions, these systems must be trained to successfully identify every possible object in every potential scene, an impossible task. Ghost is solving this critical problem by developing a new approach to artificial intelligence that does not require explicit object recognition to drive safely. These breakthrough neural networks are inspired by human biology, as people do not need to recognize objects to avoid them, relying instead on a visual control system based on motion, not recognition.

Ghost brings this safety-critical capability to the car, applying artificial motion intelligence to navigate complex scenarios using visual cues, but without recognition errors. Ghost’s breakthrough neural networks can generalize and understand the physics of obstacles in motion regardless of type, speed, or arrangement in three-dimensional space, effectively eliminating the infinite long tail of edge cases. Like the human visual cortex, these networks have encoded the fundamental laws of physics to detect motion, avoid collisions, and find the safest path forward with extraordinary reliability.

Built for Scale: Available For Everyone

Ghost’s breakthrough AI has been developed for the passenger car from the beginning, finally making self-driving a possibility for everyone.

Ghost is built for every new car: Ghost’s artificial intelligence is software-based, ideal for scaling to the mass market of consumer vehicles. Ghost is a software provider, not a car manufacturer, designed to seamlessly integrate with the largest automakers in the world, bringing attention-free self-driving to the most popular car models already produced in the millions annually.

And unlike existing approaches that rely on esoteric hardware and specialized on-board computers, Ghost’s AI-driven logic lives in neural networks optimized for the same sensors and chips found in the latest mobile phones, ensuring low power requirements and high availability. Ghost’s low power consumption stands out as an EV-friendly autonomous solution, minimizing impact on vehicle range for an increasingly electric fleet.

Ghost is built for the everyday commute: Ghost is bringing attention-free self-driving to the freeway to start. Accounting for 62% of all miles traveled, freeways are simpler and more uniform driving environments, making them the ideal place to introduce and standardize new driving technology. Unlike existing robotaxi services, which operate in a few select cities, Ghost is built to transform the daily routines of millions of drivers with safe, attention-free commutes.

But freeways are just the beginning. Ghost’s neural networks are capable of expanding their operating domain beyond the freeway, adding more road types, weather conditions, and complex scenarios. With rapid training and testing processes, new capabilities can be built, validated, and deployed to continuously deliver a better and more complete driving experience for consumers across the globe, fulfilling our mission of bringing self-driving to everyone this decade.

Built for Freedom: Attention-Free Self-Driving

Ghost is the first self-driving technology for passenger cars that does not require your attention. Existing products deliver driver assistance, not self-driving. Despite the overzealous marketing claims, these systems still require constant driver monitoring and last-second driver intervention because they are incomplete, vulnerable to the uncertainty of the infinite long tail of driving events. Ironically, the widespread reliance on driver intervention defeats the purpose of self-driving cars altogether.

With our breakthrough in artificial intelligence, Ghost is delivering the safety-critical capability necessary to finally realize the promise of self-driving: a transformational, attention-free experience behind the wheel, giving you the freedom to do something else entirely.