Webcast: A New Recipe for Scaling Autonomy to Volume Cars

In this live webcast Ghost CEO John Hayes and VP Marketing Matt Kixmoeller give a brief introduction to Ghost Autonomy's product and technical approach, and answer audience questions. Topics include reviewing Ghost's camera/radar sensor stack, KineticFlow computer vision AI, software-defined radar, and drive program.

By Matt Kixmoeller

May 4, 2023

minute read

In this webcast Ghost CEO John Hayes and VP of Product Marketing Matt Kixmoeller give a brief overview of Ghost's autonomy technology, including:

  • Ghost Autonomy Engine overview
  • Demo of the experience riding in a Ghost-enabled car
  • Ghost reference hardware (cameras, radar, compute)
  • KineticFlow visual perception AI stack
  • Software-defined radar
  • Ghost driving Program

We close with a lively "ask us anything" section, where webcast attendees ask a variety of questions related to the Ghost technology and strategy.