Self-driving for everyone.

Ghost is dedicated to bringing safety and freedom to consumer cars at scale.

Our beliefs.

We believe cars  should not crash.
Despite all the technology in modern cars, accidents and fatalities are going up, not down.
We believe in keeping you protected, without exception.
Even the most advanced self-driving systems today struggle to navigate unpredictable scenarios or uncommon objects. Ghost overcomes these limitations with breakthrough artificial intelligence that can manage any driving scenario and react three times faster than a human driver.
We believe “self-driving” means you really don’t have to drive. 
Unlike driver-assistance systems, which require constant human supervision and rely on last-second intervention, Ghost is so safe drivers are finally free to do something else behind the wheel.
We believe self-driving is for everyone.
While hardware cost and complexity limit other self-driving technology to luxury cars and robotaxi fleets, the Ghost Autonomy Engine is delivered as software and uses high-volume sensors, ideal for reaching mainstream consumer cars.

A new way to drive.

Founded in 2017, Ghost is pioneering a new approach to autonomy designed for safety, scale, and ultimately freedom.

Robotics-based systems have dominated the last two decades but have yet to deliver on the promise of safe self-driving for consumer vehicles.

We are creating a new driving platform and development process based on software and the latest in artificial intelligence to bring safety and freedom to drivers everywhere.
LeaDership & Board of Directors
John Hayes
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CTO and co-founder
Volkmar Uhlig
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Mike Speiser
Managing Partner, Sutter Hill Ventures
Vinod Khosla
Founder, Khosla Ventures
Keith Rabois
Managing Partner, Founders Fund
Gene Berdichevsky
CEO, Sila Nanotechnologies

Ghost brings your car to life.

The name Ghost is inspired by the concept of the spirits that animate all things. Known by various names – kami in the Shinto religion, numen in Roman mythology – these spirits connect us, watch over us, and guide us forward.
Life at Ghost

Building the software-defined car.

Explore our team

Autonomous driving is widely recognized as one of the most complex, multi-disciplinary challenges in computer science. We have assembled a team with the technical talent and track record to combine high reliability with breakthrough artificial intelligence for the automotive industry, finally making safe self-driving possible for mainstream cars.

At Ghost, we are inventing new ways to capture the world in motion. With our experiences developing high-resolution radar for aerospace and defense and optimizing cameras and image processing for the iPhone, we are pioneering new AI perception models to reliably capture distance, velocity, and motion direction in real time.

Matt Markel
Vice President, Radar Systems
Former Head of Radar at Waymo and Principal Engineering Fellow and Technical Director of Advanced Electronic Warfare at Raytheon.
“I am super excited about developing truly novel ways to perceive the world by combining high-resolution radar and HD camera data together.”
Shaun Pacheco
Senior Imaging Systems Specialist
Former Image Scientist at Apple. PhD, Optical Sciences, University of Arizona.
“We are architecting camera solutions for consumer-grade sensors that maximize the capabilities of artificial intelligence on the road.”
Avanish Kushal
Model Engineer
Former Quantitative Researcher at Citadel. PhD, Computer Science, University of Washington.
“Using state-of-the-art machine learning, computer vision, and math, we are taking scene perception in self-driving beyond traditional object recognition to a deeper level.”
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At Ghost, artificial intelligence is the engine that drives everything we do on the road, running models every second across perception, driving decisions, and car controls to get you where you’re going safely. Our team has proven experience implementing real-time artificial intelligence applications in the real world, ranging from high-frequency trading to real-time bidding platforms.

Ying Li
Model Engineer
Former Quantitative Researcher at Sunrise Futures. PhD, Physics, University of Chicago.
"While other work in artificial intelligence ends in theory or abstractions, at Ghost, it’s really fulfilling to see the models we build actually driving a car in the real world."
Bing Fan
Model Engineer
Former Data Scientist at FICO. PhD, Communication Theory and Systems, UC San Diego.
“What's exciting is that we can use even the simplest models to solve the problems that seem the most complicated."
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Nowhere is real-time reliability more important than in a car going 75 MPH. Drawing on expertise in real-time systems and runtime design from cloud and data center storage, our platform has been engineered to protect against hardware or software failure with multiple layers of resiliency and redundancy. Ghost is the first to bring a formally verified runtime to the car to ensure bug-free execution, a process typically reserved for safety-critical applications in commercial aviation, defense, and space exploration.

Anna Lyons
Software Engineer
Technical Steering Committee Member, seL4 Foundation. PhD in Computer Science, University of New South Wales.
"Ghost puts safety and security above all else. By working here I hope to bring about a future where not self-driving is like driving without a seat belt – dangerous and rare.”
Nikita Sirohi
Software Engineer
Former Software Engineer at Pure Storage. BS, Computer Science, Caltech.
“I have observed a purity of development at Ghost that has transformed how I think about software. Our commitment to safety and correctness is illuminating and inspiring.”
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Combining consumer scale and innovation with enterprise-grade reliability, our team develops hardware in-house from concept to production, ranging from cameras, sensors, and compute to the vehicle drive system.

Arpita Ghosh Dastidar
Senior Electrical Engineer
Former Signal Integrity Engineer at Amazon Prime Air. M.Eng, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Cornell University.
“It’s exciting to design something in self-driving with a clear path to scale, using proven components that are ideally suited to make this transformative technology broadly available.”
Efrain Hernandez Franco
Senior Mechanical Engineer
Former Lead Mechanical Design Engineer at Sensata Technologies. PhD, Mechanics, Universidad Panamericana.
“We are committed to mitigating every single point of failure associated with autonomous driving by developing redundant and robust hardware equipped with our own technology.”
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Ghost is redefining the relationship between car and driver, pioneering a new paradigm for the in-vehicle experience. Drawing on our past experiences from designing personal devices to AI assistants, we are creating an experience that feels familiar, natural, and human.

Basheer Tome
Principal Designer
Former Hardware Interface Designer at Google. MS, Media Arts and Sciences, MIT Media Lab.
“Making our driving interface as simple and obvious as possible has been the most complex but rewarding project I’ve ever worked on.”
Mario Delgado
Head of Design
Former Sutter Hill Ventures and Wealthfront Design Lead.
“It’s really exciting to bring the latest in machine learning and artificial intelligence to change the nature of driving. It enables us to get deeply in-sync with the user to the point where the product feels like an extension of yourself.”
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At Ghost, safety is the foundation for everything we do. We are committed to engaging with policymakers and industry partners to share how our technology advances safety beyond the state of the art.

Jackie Glassman
General Counsel
Former Acting Administrator and Chief Counsel at the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration.
“Ghost technology is destined to be a game changer for motor vehicle safety, perhaps even challenging or surpassing the seat belt as the most important safety measure in motor vehicle history.”
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The Ghost Autonomy Engine enables automakers and tier 1 suppliers to equip every car they ship with fully customizable, deeply integrated, attention-free self-driving. Our team is here to support OEMs through every stage of the product lifecycle and to ensure that partner feedback is incorporated upstream into our design and development process.

Jeff Tuttle
Director of OEM Sales
Former Director of Sales at LG Display and Head of ADAS Sales for Continental.
“We offer OEMs a flexible partnership where we bring our software and neural network expertise to supplement their deep automotive knowledge base.”
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At Ghost, we are not just building a product, but also a company. From recruiting to facilities to finance, our operations team is building Ghost to scale and to last.

Katherine Sorensen
Head of Recruiting
Former Senior Vice President, D. E. Shaw & Co. MBA, Columbia. BA, Harvard.
“Starting at Ghost, people know they are joining a world-class team. But what surprises a lot of people – myself included – is how much fun they have on that team!”
Sophie Krivokapic-Zhou
Operations Coordinator
BA, Interdisciplinary Studies, UC Berkeley, Class of 2021.
“At Ghost, there is room to grow in every direction. This has been a great place to start my career, with opportunities to develop a wide variety of skills across management, recruiting, and marketing.”
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