Ghost enables leading automakers to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into tomorrow’s vehicles for autonomy and beyond.

Attention-free self-driving for the next generation of consumer cars.

Ghost enables leading automakers to seamlessly integrate artificial intelligence into tomorrow’s vehicles for autonomy and beyond.

Breakthrough AI

A new form of artificial motion intelligence capable of managing any driving scenario.

Unlike existing systems that have long struggled to safely navigate unfamiliar scenarios and unrecognized objects, Ghost is developing novel neural networks based on physics that eliminate recognition errors and the challenges of the long tail.
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Universal detection

Capable of detecting anything on the road without explicit training, Ghost's neural networks generalize and understand the physics of obstacles in motion regardless of their type, speed, or orientation in three-dimensional space.

Overlapping sensors and perception modalities

Leveraging stereo disparity, mono depth vision, and HD radar, Ghost sees everything with multiple sensors and algorithms, enabling perception both near and far, at day and at night, and in a variety of weather conditions.

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BUILT For Consumer CArs

Designed end-to-end to enable mass-market consumer autonomy.

Unlike robotaxis that rely on dozens of sensors and specialized compute chips, Ghost’s software and neural networks are optimized for the same sensors and chips found in the latest mobile phones, ensuring low power requirements, high reliability, and volume economics.
Affordable autonomy for every car

With new AI techniques optimized for high-volume sensors and compute, Ghost achieves a cost profile that makes autonomy practical for any consumer vehicle - economy, luxury, and everything in between.

Flexible design, flexible supply chain

Ghost is designed to support a variety of sensor manufacturers and vehicle-specific packaging, making it easy to adapt to each vehicle’s unique constraints.

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Software-defined platform

Iterating at the speed of software.

Unlike rigid hardware-centric solutions that rely on purpose-built ASICs, the Ghost Autonomy Engine is delivered as software to facilitate rapid innovation and software-enabled business models.
Continuous innovation

Ghost releases frequently, enabling a swift pace of ongoing feature enhancements and new capabilities. In the rapidly changing world of AI, never leave your customers stuck driving on last year’s code.

Seamless integration, customization, and extension

A software approach facilitates deep vehicle integration, unique model line experiences, and an always-fresh user interaction that differentiates your brand. A low-code/no-code integration framework and flexible APIs make integrating and extending capabilities simple.

Subscription by design

An ongoing stream of software updates ensures customers always have a reason to keep their subscriptions active and extends the customer relationship far beyond the initial sale.

End-to-end reliability

Keep drivers safe without ever needing to rely on human backup.

Unlike existing solutions that cannot handle system failures or edge cases on the road without disengaging, Ghost is building fail-operational resiliency into every level of the stack, from universal, physics-based neural networks for perception, to a formally verified runtime, to complete hardware redundancy with failovers.
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Engineered for resiliency

Redundant sensors and compute enable continued operation in the case of sensor occlusions, dropped frames, or even full sensor or compute failure.

Fail-operational and safe stop

Ghost handles most failures seamlessly, enabling the drive to continue and cleaning or maintenance to be deferred to the end of the ride.  In case of the most severe failures, Ghost is always capable of coming to a safe stop without intervention.

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